Our Mission

Our mission is to continue serving those who have served in the military through supplemental food sources.

Our pantry is the only one in the state of Arkansas that is set up strictly for military veterans. We do not require anything except proof of military service (DD Form 214 or VA Healthcare ID or Military ID cards). We welcome Guardsmen, Reservists, and Retirees.

100% Volunteer Driven

From left to right: Joe Short, Joyce Short, and Deyonka S. Hickey

Retired United States
Air Force

Msgt Joe E. Short
(06/1989 – 05/2011)

How We Started

Deyonka Hickey approached Joe & Joyce Short, her friends, and fellow co-workers from her military days at Little Rock AFB. All three were key to the food pantry’s success during the initial startup. EVERYTHING was started from scratch.

The three co-founders initially contacted a Veterans food pantry located in New York and were granted permission to operate under their name (FEED OUR VETS) and their 501(c)(3) for the first year. In May 2018, the Arkansas food pantry broke away from the New York-based food pantry and began operating under their own name (FEED THE VETERANS) and their 501(c)(3).

Sadly, Joe passed away in February 2020, but he will ALWAYS be a part of the pantry and a cornerstone of our foundation.

Tom Saunders

Tom is our handyman….our go-to-guy. He has been with us through thick and thin. Tom is very dedicated to helping his fellow veterans. He is also an active member of a local combat veterans motorcycle association.

Retired United States Navy

(04/1974 – 10/1994)

Brian Davis

He is now our new Pantry Director & Logistics manager. He joined our team 2021. He is also active in other organizations helping Veterans.

Retired Air Force

(10/1986 – 11/2007)

Kate Smith

Kate started a Veterans food pantry in 2018 in Navarre, FL (Food for Vets) but resigned and moved to Arkansas. She came on board with us in 2022.

Retired Air Force & Air National Guard

(1988 – 1991)