Thanking Military Members and their Families with a Pantry Full of Food

Feed The Veterans Is

Thank you for joining us to honor local veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much for our country. Together, we can make a difference for our veterans in need!

*DD Form 214 or VA Healthcare I.D. card or Military I.D. card.


Why We Are So Unique

We have worked hard to try to make it easy on our Veterans. We do NOT ask about their income, or what school district that you are in or even what country and city. We are open to ALL Veterans in the state of Arkansas.

One of many unique thing about us, we do not hand out prepacked boxes of food. You get a grocery cart and pick what you want and how many items you need to hold you until the beginning of a new month. We expect our veterans to be honest and considerate of others. Some items do have limits due to the fact they are hard to obtain through donations.


We are opening a 2nd day of the month!! We will be opened on the 3rd Thursday and 3rd Saturday starting in AUGUST.

AUGUST 18TH 6PM – 8PM (Thursday) or AUGUST 20th 9AM- 1PM